Raku what?

Hey lovely readers.

In this post I will present you the Raku pottery process which I learned in school. I’m definitely not a Raku specialist but I was so fascinated that I thought I have to share this with you.

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Raku is a special pottery firing process from the Japanese and means enjoyment. It was used in the 16th century in the tea ceremonies. The special thing about a Raku is that you change the atmosphere of the clay and then the oxidation reduction happens.

I used a stoneware clay. It’s important to use a high firing clay up 1020 Celsius. Firstly, I formed the clay to pearls. Then I dried it for 3 days.
Secondly, I fired my pearls with a heat from 1250 Celsius because it’s stoneware clay. The fire temperature of every clay is written down of the wrapping. Then I painted a special glaze for Raku on my pearls.
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So now everything was prepared for the Raku firing process. So for the next step I needed a Raku oven (changed metallic bin), chipped wood, wood from a fire tree and clothes to protect me like gloves. I put all the clay things in to the oven and heated it slowly up.

20160412_102201     20160412_102749
After 10min I tried to heat the maximum of the oven up. I tried to hold his temperature for 20min to 30min. For the next step I needed some help. Because I took the clay status from the oven and lay them in a ton with chipped wood. Quickly after that I had to add more of the chipped wood over the clay pieces to suffocate the fire in the ton. I let it cool down for many hours. The last thing I had to do, was to wash it.

20160412_113731    20160412_113735

Voilà that came out. I hope I could fascinate you a bit…
I’m really fascinated. I will work on it to make improvement in Raku firing but I was really proud with the result.

Have a nice week! Thanks for every comment.
Simona (Shiwaiana)

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