Floral wreath for a Festival in the City

Hey Loves

This short post is about a floral wreath head accessories. I made this for a Music Festival in the City for my friend and me. I think this style is perfect for a Festival in the City. It’s cute and has a small touch of “Hippiness”. I’m sure I’m going to dress me with something white for it so that the focus is on the flowers.

All what you need is: Flowers, florist wire, a gripper, a pair of scissors


Firstly, I scaled my head with the florist wire. Not too tight because the flowers will fill it.


Than you put flowers by flowers on the florist wire and fasten it with another wire. You do that until you are happy with your floral wreath.


Ehh voilà! Your summer Festival in the City can come!


Lots of Love

Shiwaiana (Simona)

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