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It is already October and I am back with three DIY bag collections. We had in our module fashion & design a simple task: Create three accessories which fits to each other… so I focused essentially on surface design.

The first bag is a felt shopper with dryer felt on the surface. I designed this bag for my mum that is why the letter “V” is in the middle. You could easily do a bag like this as a Christmas gift.

I have to say that I spent a lot of time on this bag. In total it was more than 5 / 6 hours. You need a lot of time for the dryer felt. But it is not too difficult. Try it! =)

img_20161014_153002 img_20161014_152816

What you Need: thick felt, whool for the dryer felt, a special needle (for dryer felt), yarn, needle, eyelete ring

img_20161014_152721 img_20161014_152627 img_20161014_152409

I started with dry felting. You have to be careful because the needle can break easily. I broke around five needles… If the felt is thick you need a stronger needle. But you have to try out what the best is for you. I preferred thinner needles, they went easier trough the fabric.

img_20161014_175345 img_20161014_152055

The next step is to stitch all sides together by hand. It is important to stitch it strongly, otherwise it won’t hold together. Especially if you carry heavy things from the supermarket.


img_20161014_180811 img_20161014_151932

The second last step was to stitch both sides in the middle together like on the picture. The second last step was to stitch both sides in the middle together like on the picture. Than the last thing was to put the carriers on with some eyelet rings.

   img_20161011_125826 img_20161014_151643 img_20161014_182243   img_20161014_182205

Xo, Simona (Shiwaiana)

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