The autumn bag



Jute bag. My second bag which I made for my school project was made of a jute bag. I like the mix of simple and details. And this I tried to express with this bag. The jute bag is a nice fabric for changing. You can take out easily some strings, braiding some other strings in it, tieding and others… I’ll take this bag definitely for some walks outside.

Working hours: 5/6 hours


img_20161026_075447 img_20161026_075703

This are the measurements of my cut pieces. I used the same measurements for the jute bag fabric and the white cotton fabric. It’s really important that you wash the cotton fabric before working with it. It’ll shrink 10%.


img_20161026_075812 img_20161026_075921

I started with the button and the two front/back-side. I stitched first the straight line and then zigzag.


img_20161026_080056 img_20161026_130525

By the side walls I stitched first the longer sides and then the short one.


I repeated the all those steps with the other fabric. Thant means the cotton fabric and the jute bag fabric have the same size and look the same.



I put the cotton bag in the jute bag. Pinning those two bags together was the next step.

img_20161026_131032 img_20161026_131127 img_20161026_131228

I stitched first with the zigzag the two fabrics together. After that I folded the fabrics at the inside down. The edge is about 5 cm wide. I pined it again and stitched it with two straight lines.


img_20161026_131335 img_20161026_131434 img_20161026_131538

img_20161026_131623 img_20161026_131750 img_20161026_131858


I used for the bag decoration the “carpet technique”. Here are some pictures with the steps. I think it’s too difficult to explain the steps clearly. But there are a lot of useful tutorials on youtube.


  img_20161026_132202 img_20161026_132250 img_20161026_132337

img_20161026_132429 img_20161026_132525 img_20161026_132619

img_20161026_132712 img_20161026_132812

Here are the steps for the next decoration.

The last step is to loop the bag for the bag handles.

Et voilà! That’s it.

img_20161023_232250 img_20161023_232047 img_20161023_231928

img_20161023_232613 img_20161023_232748 img_20161023_231636

XO, Simona

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