The dress with the oversized sleeves

During the Christmas holidays I started a new little project for myself. This project took me so much longer than I thought.
To the struggles later …

My inspirations were the statement sleeves. You can see them now nearly everywhere in different styles.

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In the Burda Magazine 12/2016 I found a pattern for the basement. (dress 112)

I started with copying all the patterns for the dress on soft paper. I had to copy 4 patterns. After that I started with changing the pattern a bit. I shortened the length of the sleeves and changed the V-neck to a U-neck. Then I cut all the pieces carefully.
Make sure you copied all lines (also inside).

Tipp: Be very careful with changing patterns!

Another change was the length and width of the dress. This whole step took me more than three hours. Of course I am not the fastest girl in this but you still will have some hours.

I started to fix the different patterns on my deep blue fabric.
Something to the fabric. I used a fabric who is similar like Jersey, but it was a bit thicker than the t-shirt Jersey.
I added for the seam and edging 1.5 cm and for the border 4 cm. I created with additions new lines and cut it out.

Now sewing! Yeeeaah!

To this step I cannot say much… Just stay alive!
I am kidding… Ok I had my struggles with the dress, but only because I was not happy with the pattern basement. So I had to cheat that all seams found each other. Most of the time there is always a way to fix it! =)

dress with the oversized sleeves6      dress with the oversized sleeves3

dress with the oversized sleeves1      dress with the oversized sleeves2

dress with the oversized sleeves5   dress with the oversized sleeves4

dress with the oversized sleeves7

So that’s pretty it. I’m happy to wear my dress for some special occasions like a nice dinner with my boyfriend.

… and bssst… my next post will be again a DIY post with all the steps. I hope you liked this post as well.











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