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Hey Peeps

Maybe you have already noticed… I changed my lifestyle nearly one month ago! I want to interduce it to you and share my practical experiences.

Everything started with a documentary called “The true cost” on Netflix. You see how bad the seamstress work in the manufactory. But it’s not only about the seamstress life. They show “our” lifestyle of fast fashion and how we consume with no brain… We must just pay a little more and the seamstress would have a better living. But the main problems are the contractors who only see the money! We could stop them if we don’t buy those clothes anymore. I want to stop them! You can stop them! We can do it together…

7 Impressions about “The true cost”

ONE in every six people alive in the world today work in some part of the global fashion industry.

The PROFIT of fashion industry is a big problem.

WATHER source should be used for other purpose.

CHEMICALS which are used result in cancer and disability.

The RESOURCES mother earth has given us was not destined for clothes!

ECONOMY is based on materialism.

… we just see the ENDPRODUCT! We must think of the way how the product was made!


I am going to do some more researches about the different aspect of fast fashion, the fashion industry and materialism. I want that you understand why I try / want to change my previous lifestyle.

So, what are my next steps?

  1. Buy clothes more wisely! And use them longer!
  2. Buy my clothes from ethical, fair trade and ecological fashion brands
  3. Go to second-hand shops.
  4. Self-made clothes
  5. Support small local shops

I also look out for fair trade food and other products…

With fair trade, we take care for humans and the humans rights. Not anybody in the world has the change to live like a little princess or prince. I don’t mean to be rich and have all the luxury, I mean to have the change to get educated, have food, have hobbies, a save home, … Yes I got that, that there are still many Europeans who live as well under poor conditions. Let’s take care of us humans!

In the future, I am going to post about different ethical and fair trade products. So, if you are interested as well to do something to keep our beautiful planet clean and a little bit better…

Welcome on board with my new lifestyle and maybe yours as well.

I am happy to hear about your tips and tricks…


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