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Zilooa is a swiss brand of natural skincare, who produce a formula that is neutral to health and aquatic environment. The products are still high quality, elegance and pleasure for yourself. I had the pleasure to try the product out and sharing with this post my experiences with ZILOOA.


I was doing some researches about aqua friendly sunscreen for my trip to France. As you maybe know I’m staying now in Lège Cap Ferret for some surfing days at the ocean. For me it was clear that I want to protect my skin! But taking care of the environment at the same time was even better…with Zilooa you can do it!

The skin care product does not resort chemical filters, paraben or any other harmful components. The skin care guarantees an optimal hydration and protection of the skin.

I got these products from the brand Zilooa:



I used the sunscreen with 25 SPF during the days. Especially at the beach I used it more than three times. The hydration I used for the evenings and night care. I really like the cute necessaire, it’s so my style! Zilooa has also products for men.

I think the texture is a little bit oily and you must rub it well that there is no “white” left. I was happy with the protection, I never had a sunburn, but my skin tone is getting fast brown. I liked to use the texture during my beach stays. I would recommend to everyone this product! You protect your skin and even better the environment doesn’t get any worse with this sunscreen. I think it’s always good to look after our environment in such an easy way like this sunscreen.




Some effects of marine pollution are visible, such as the plastic garbage. But sunscreen is as well a problem which increase the marine pollution. The oily, iridescent sheen of the surface of the water like “swimmer pollution «threatens coral reefs across the world. An “organic” certification doesn’t mean a sunscreen is safe for the environment. Several plants based oils can be toxic to reef organisms. (like neem, eucalyptus, lavender oils…)

For more information’s go to to http://www.marinesafe.org/blog/2016/03/18/sunscreen-pollution/

Thank you for reading this post! And again, I don’t want to preach anything… I’m just curious about the earth pollution and want to share my researches. And of course, sunscreen is not the main problem for the marine life, but it still effects it.




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