Focaccia | Filled with two fillings | Receipt

Hey Peeps

Nope, I am not a food blogger but a FOOD Lover! When I have time I like to cook but I like even more to bake. Sweet or salty… it does not matter.

My latest bakery experience was Filled Focaccia. I used a Betty Bossi receipt from the internet, but I like to change or add some ingredients.

For the yeast dough:

500 g     flour (I used 300 g of spelt flour and 200 g white flour)
1.5 tsp.  salt
1 tsp.     sugar 0.5
1 cube yeast (I put accidentally the whole cube in it … uuups!)

Mix all together! Crumble the yeast.

3 dl        warm water
2 tbsp.  olive oil (I put 1 tbsp. olive oil and 1 tbsp. flavoured olive oil with lemon)

Add the other ingredient. Work the dough until he is smooth. (I worked with a Thermomix and it knead it like for 7 min.)
Let the dough rise for 1 ½ h.


The fillings:

1 dl        red wine vinegar
½            orange pepper
½            red pepperoncino
½            garlic
a bit of sugar

Cook everything for 15-20 min. (Betty Bossy filling)

1 dl        tomato sauce
½            zucchini
½            garlic
a bit of salt, pepper and sugar

Cook everything for 7 min.


Wait for the dough…


Separate the dough in two parts. Roll both to the same square. File one part with one filling and the other half with the other filling. But the other dough on the top, like a pie. Wait again for 30 min, before you cut lengthwise and across square in it. Oil the whole dough and scat salt and rosemary on it.

Now the baby goes in the oven for 25 min by 220 Celsius.



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