DIY: Beeswax wrap – the Alternative to plastic wrap

Hey Peeps

I am back with an economical DIY tutorial: Beeswax Cotton Wraps. This is he perfect alternative for the Plastic Wrap.

We use plastic wrap and aluminium foil nearly every day. I found the perfect way to avoid the plastic wrap for my lunch and for covering food. They are perfectly, functional, reusable and the important thing totally eco-friendly. I show you how I did it and how you can cope it easily.

YOU NEED: cotton fabric, 100 g beeswax, 1tsp jojoba oil or olive oil, paintbrush, can, oven

(I prepared the cottons with zigzag border. For 100 g beeswax you get a pair of beeswax wraps.)

First, you heat up the oven to 70 Celsius. During that you can warm up the beeswax. I took around 100 g and added one teaspoon jojoba oil. I scalded the wax like chocolate with a hot water bath.

When the whole beeswax is melt, you can take your paintbrush and mix it carefully. Then spread it over the cotton with your paintbrush. I do not have to be very exact, it goes to the oven anyway and will melt again.


Put it in the oven for around 5 min. After the oven I spreaded the other side from the cotton with wax and put it again in the oven. Maybe you must repeat this process again for the third time. It depends on the texture of the beeswax wrap. You form it and it should hold for some time. It does? Perfect your beeswax wrap is finished!

Tipp: I use some strings for extra hold, especially for sandwiches. Or you can use some elastic strap for smaller things.

I use always the same beeswax wrap for chees! The smell can be strong and stay in the cotton. But for other ingredients it is ok. All you must do is to wash it with lukewarm water. You can even wash it with some dish liquid.

Enjoy the usage! And feel better without plastic! =)



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