DIY: Ruby Tee top x We are Knitters

WE ARE KNITTERS is a German Brand, founded in 2011. Over the last years knitting become more and more famous. This company has heaps of cool and trendy patterns and ideas what to knit. You can order the full kit ore needles and wools separately. The company is growing and people from all around the world are happy costumers, like me!


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I had the honour to try the Ruby Tee top. Where you can find all the happiness in one kit!

The description is clear but not that easy… I had to get used to the style. I missed some pictures… It’s written in several languages, nearly for everyone!

During the process, I had some troubles… but it was my fault! I hadn’t knit for many years, but WE ARE KNITERS showed me how cool and relaxing it can be. I did some little changes to the pattern, because I’m a shorty. I’m very happy with the End-product! Have a look by yourself!

I would recommend this kit to everyone who wants to start again with knitting or even if you are knitter with some routines. They have for every level something! What I liked the most was the big variety of cool stuff! It was so hard to me to decide! I’m sure you will have the same problem…

So, I’m holding this post short… I have to order a new cool kit!

Cheers, Shiwaiana!




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