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Spending a weekend in Amsterdam was not only relaxing from everyday life but also an enrichment of stocking up my wardrobe with some Vintage goodies and treat my belly with delicious food.
As a huge lover of cute Cafés, (Flea) markets, food and hidden spots. Amsterdam is perfect for it, if the weather treats you with some sunshine, like we had.





Breaki heaven…

Food market:


As you maybe know I am trying to avoid more or less clothes store with miserable conditions of production! But more to this theme will come up in the next post.

I found a cute store called Wini Clothes. They have unique quality pieces. The store is not overloaded like the other two I’ve visited. I found some cool trousers and a foulard. The lovely Lady from the shop told me where I can find some other cool pieces. It’s a market called Noordermarkt always on (but not every) Monday from 8.00 to 14.00 (or so). They have cool secondhand pieces but my main interests were some fabrics.
I founded two shops (We are Vintage & Episode) less cool because I thought many pieces were overpriced. A type of sunglasses was in both stores three or four times to found. So not really Vintage! Meanwhile secondhand, flea market and co are getting more and more popular. No reason to cozen customers! That’s all what I want to say to this topic.





To round off, I just love Amsterdam and I will definitely come back!

So have a wonderful time!
Simona <3

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